Scrivener vs. Office Word.

How to choose...

Some people prefer Scrivener, others Office Word. I found myself having a hard time choosing between; Scriv and Word. For the twelve years of my writing progress I used Word. I came to love it, and know it inside and out. Then some other writers recommended Scrivener, so I checked it out, coming to love and know it too.

So, the big question was, how do I choose between these two, then it occurred to me, I didn’t have to choose between the two, I could make them work together, in creating this incredble book/novel of mine.

So, I started out with Scriv…

20180103_212937.jpg It has the perfect oppotunities to categories your work, splitting it up into the book’s scenes and chapters, I wrote and edited my work in Scriv, perfectly jumping through the categories within one screen, which made it so much easier. This was the perfect oppotunity to have my “Cheat Sheet” just by the hand, jumping through ideas, pages and scenes, the perfect tool for the working writer.


When the novel was finally done, edited and read through, I jumped over to Word.


Where you have great oppotunity, to create the finished and publish ready Manuscript.

Here you can chosse the right fonts, make the chapters appear exactly like you want them to. Creating margins to create a print ready edition, and remove page counts from the first pages and the chapter pages, it is so easy, of course you can also pay a great deal, to get somebody else to do all this for you. But, I loved doing it on my own, learning so much about that experience. So, I have all the tools for making the second novel in the series. Making your novel ready, to be pulished.


As a bonus info, I figured out that; there’s an App in Windows Store, called: ReadAloud. Which goes along perfectly with Office Word. You simply copy, your text from Word, incerting it in ReadAloud and Vola the ReadAloud, will funny enough read the text Aloud for you. When I’m done writing my novel, editing and reading it through on my own. I will copy and paste my whole book into the ReadAloud, one scene or chapter at a time. It’s an easy way to pick out the errors you didn’t see youself, you can easily hear your errors through this, then correcting them.


So, there’s a little advice on what to do with those two great places, and a little extra with the ReadAloud.

So, I hope you enjoy…

Happy Writings…

2 thoughts on “Scrivener vs. Office Word.

    1. Yeah, I know where you are coming from, I myself was like that to begin with, you can actually have a trial period with Scrivener, I was uncertain to begin with, but with the trial I saw the possibilities. I am simply glad to help out, with some of the stuff I have been working hard with myself. 🙂

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