When Dreams Come True!!


I have worked on my progress for the last; (wow, yeah thirteen years), developing as a writer and as a person. When thoses two go hand in hand, the result is amazing. 

The journey have been long, hard and unbearable at times; I guess we all have that voice in our heads, telling us that it’s no good… Well, here’s a little secret: IT IS!!! I have battled with my demons, and struggled to make a result I am proud of, and when you reach that, there’s no stopping ya’, you simply just gotta keep going.

This year, have been an amazing year, in all kinds of ways; I’ve gotten a new home, a new sight on my life, and amazing abilities to work with as a writer. This was the year I decided to share my ideas with the words, and work hard and intensive on creating the best possible edition of my book, make it better then it had ever been; with help from great friends and family, I achieved that goal, and for the first time in my life; I was doing something I really loved, something I was actually good at, and that surprised me. I pushed my limits, becoming better that I ever thought I could be. – So I will encourage all to do the same…

Great Writings and Lot of Love..

Maria E. L. Thomassen.


the-metanoia-phases 1,1.jpg

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