The Beginning of Something New.

I think today, I will start with Scrivener.

A wonderful program, easy to use and fun to develop with.. I had alwasys been an Word Office, gal… But, times are changing, within Scrivener, I can acces all my files and ideas with one simple click, how amazing is that!!!

My mind is always flooding with ideas, maybe that’s why my Scrivener is filled with soooo many folders and files. You have an incredible view of it all; making everything easy to work with. In Scrive.. (trying out a nickname for it), I started my outlining, which was something I never thought I would do, but suddenly I found myself. With papers, tablets and computer, shattered all over my diningroom table, coming up with all the details of my characters, the world building, names… You name it! I discovered how helpful and guiding the outlining could be.

Oh btw, I may add a slight warning; strong and cursing words may appear in these posts…. 

Well, where was I… Oh right, Scrive. A whole new world came alive to me. It was such a big help, splitting the ideas into categories. I always have a folder named; Useful Words. ‘Cause when I’m working wild, my mind simply forget to come up with new words for; a dialouge, feeling and an important showing place in the book… So, there I go, looking up at my Useful Ideas. With sound descriptions, facial and body expressions. Somethng that is a great help when you can’t just find that one little right word to use in that important sentence.

I am especially glad, that I could search and find some great advice from my fellow writers. I discovered how nice people could be, (not that I thought them to be soulless monsters), I guess, I just didn’t think I would need somebody else, but sometimes a new perspective can change everything and Goddamn it it felt amazing, getting this feeling from another writer, getting the help and the shoulder pad, that I was actually good enough for this, I just had to work a little harder and a little longer… And, now… I am stepping closer to my dream, day by day.. coming up with a new thing, that could help me on my way… I hope to see the same happening for all the writers in the world, having a dream and if I could contribute to that in anyway, that would just be amazing.

We are put here to help each other… So spread your words and spread your helping hand. You will be paid in good karma and kindness. The two wonderful K’s. Type those letters, that’s what you are made to do!

Joyful writings to all…


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