Moments Like These


The Beauty of a Country Life. 

Life is about special moments, moments that change our lives, shape us. Sometimes special moments, can be faded in busy days, and work… But, when moments like these occurres, they are golden. To me they bring comfort, and inspiration. Every great line begins with beautiful surroundings. in my busy and at times chaotic life, a single moment like that of the sky, is precious. Fueling my inspiration, creativity and happiness. I pull eternal amounts of energy from moments like that.

As a writer I praise times when I find inspiration and time to dive deeply into my work, creating amazing and exciting adventures. We are given this beautiful life, don’t we owe it, to live it to the fullest. Life comes with a great deal of hardship, but in my opinion hardship is a good lesson in life, with hardship we find joy in the positive, giving us something to look forward to.

I have learned a very important lesson, you always have to believe in your own work, and writing, in everything. Because if YOU don’t, then who will?

So remember to cherish, honor and praise moments like these.


Expanded Blurb.

the-metanoia-phases 1,1


Enchantment, love, and secrets flood together in this YA Fantasy.

Maria had always known about her abilities, wrapped in a blanket of security and love. But, in an instant, everything changed, as long-buried family secrets come to the surface.

Shattering the world and family she once knew beyond recognition, in the midst of all the chaos her husband fails to support her, being absent, and suddenly Maria finds herself drawn to the arms of a man, who isn’t her husband. Torn between duty and passion, trying to uncover the secrets and betrayal, that lay in front of her. Looking upon her most trusted, she thought she knew; it’s hard to get a hold of what to believe in.

Who can she trust, when her world crumbles?

X-Men meets The Secret Circle in this new thrilling and twisting YA Fantasy. Are you brave enough to dive into an emotional roller-coaster of betrayal, drama, love and a whole load of fantasy?

Magical, Enchanting and Exciting, perfectly created for the lover of The Secret Circle, Beautiful Creatures, and The Vampire Diaries.

Summer Time.

Hello Everyone.

Lately, time seemed to have escaped my grasp, and months passed by in the blink of an eye. I started this year out saying, that I wanted to write a Blog Post, every day for the entire years; Into the first two weeks that plan failed! BUT, I keep my hope high and instead of quitting I intend to start over with my plan, and maybe change a few things.

With a full time job, full time life, with a house, husband and dog to attend to, and an upcoming book, I am low on time, so my goal is to write a blog post, at least once a week. To give you guys and everyone who might be interested a peel at how I went around publishing my first two novel in The Metanoia Phases Series.

So, what have you missed?

I started this year out with two goals; The first was to write a blog each day, which didn’t work out, but my second goal went a little different; I create a deadline for my third novel, and currently I think I will follow through on this goal. I am few chapters away from ending the series, which have been hard, but I think it will be great, and make room for many new project.


I also set out a new mission; To connect with the writing community, bonding, sharing and leanring from other authors, writers and readers.


I have a dream….  A dream I intend to follow until it is reached, behind this dream lays a lot of hard work, but I will do anything it takes to reach that dream and that goal.




Author Interview!

My first author interview is made possible by Tayler Macneill, a co-writer… She’s having that same dream as we all do, about making it as a writer. She risked everything and took a leap of faith, trusting herself!

I asked her ten questions which she gladly answered;

  • 1: What process did you go through to get your book published?
  • *I don’t think I really have a process. I edited my manuscript to the best of my ability then created a cover letter and synopsis. Now a days most publishers except online submissions, so it wasn’t a hard process. I had a few contract offers 2 and a half months later.
  • 2: Did you make any marketing mistakes or is there anything you would avoid in future?
  • *My only marketing mistake so far is starting off with the lack of knowledge about marketing, It’s something I learn about daily.
  • 3: What’s the title of your most recent book?
  • * The Darkest Side of the Moon.
  • 4: How did you come up with the title of your book?
  • *It literally was on the tip of my tongue as I wrote the book.
  • 5: Tell me about the main character(s).
  • *I have quite a few main characters, because of the style of book I required more than one. Everyone has apart they play in the story and they work off each other. Charlie is the one that brings them all together, she is strong and loves life. She has been best friends with Julie for 7 years, they love the life they live and the city they reside in. Jack is Julies friend from highschool and is also Charlie’s psychiatrist, he is very open minded and extremly smart. Charlie loves to write and walk her dog through the city park, Bruno her dog, loves it too. Julie is a teacher, she loves children and an artist on the side. There are other main characters but I want to keep them to my self for now, you can meet them when you read the story.
  • 6: What would the main character in your book have to say about you?
  • *Charlie would probably say I have a great mind and good taste in character. She would find me to be someone who enjoys the same type of stuff she does. Julie would                      find me    smart and someone who is kind. Her and I would have great conversations. Jack being a pshyciatrist would probably tell me I am a little nuts, that I should live a bit more and write alot less. He would also tell you that I have a great head on my shoulders. HAHAHA !
  • 7: How does your book relate to your spiritual practice or other life path?
  • *It doesn’t relate to it at all.
  • 8: What do your plans for future projects include?
  • *I’m in the midst of writing a psychological horror, it’s almost done. I’m hoping it will be out before summer. I’m also in the process of a sequel for The Darkest Side of the Moon, an action thriller, a crime thriller and a horror mystery.
  • 9: What advice would you give to your younger self?
  • *Believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind too.
  • 10: Do you hear from your readers much?
  • *So far I have only let pre-reviewers read my book,  they enjoyed the book and left wonderful reviews on my author page.


Wanna know more about Taylor and her books, check out her links below;

Her book The Darkest Side of the Moon is outout April 30th.

Take a peak of what’s it’s about.

Charlie is a twenty-seven year old woman from British Columbia, who has been going to her psychiatrist for almost a decade for the voices she hears. Telling him stuff no one would ever believe, what if the crazy secrets you told your psyciatrist were actually true and he actually believed you?

The world she lives in is in extreme turmoil, filled with murder, chaos and missing people. No one knows whats happening, or how to stop it. Weird things keep happening leaving the police clueless and feeling useless. Her best friend, Julie and her psychiatrist Jack, have been friends for a long time. Both of them believe there is more then meets the eye when it comes to what is happening to Charlie. Jack inserts himself into Charlie’s everyday life to see if he can figure out what is happening at the time when Charlie hears the voices. Finding more then he ever could have imagined, as their lives get turned upside down. It may have started with voices but now there are shape shifters walking among them and no one is the wiser except them.

If society was in danger, and you were the only one who could help them, would you? Charlie would! How do you save the world from something no one can see? Who do you trust to have your back, what if they couldn’t see what you see would they believe you? A story about love and trust, fighting a battle of the unknown trying to save humanity and most of all their selves. Who would trust to have your back? Who are they and what do they want ? Charlie needs to know, and won’t stop till she gets answers. How come no one can see these creatures but them? That’s a secret 🙂 What if your world suddenly went dark?Would it slow you down?

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it…


I wanna thank Taylor for visiting my blog, borrowing me some of her time.

Check out her book!