Editing & Journaling…



Editing & Journaling…..

So, lately I have been diving into the editing of my second novel….  So, it have been a few days since I lasted posed, so my challenge with the 365 days didn’t totally come true, but I am still seeing how many days in this year I can reach.

So, here’s a few tips for you guys about Editing and Journaling.

As it goes for the Editing, I approximately editing my novel, (or at least go through it three times). The First time, I simply read it thourgh, to see if everything ads up with the story, and all that.. The Second time, I edit the errors; spelling mistakes, misplaced words, deleting and adding sentences, that would go better, or things that need to be cut for good, I read through one chapter at a time, writing the chapter number and name down, making sure that the number and the name fit with the order of the book, and if the contents of the chapter fits with the name…

“Write without fear – Edit witout mercy.” Sometimes it’s hard to cut some of your work, but to me it is clear to see what goes and what doesn’t, so if you are having that thought; will it really fit, it probably wont, SO CUT! The Third time, is kind of cheating, because then it’s actually not myself reading, but my favorite audio speaker; Read Aloud. I have mentioned it before, because it’s an incredible tool, to me reading aloud my own story is awkward… So, luckily there’s Read Aloud. I copy on chapter, and type Ctrl + V, and a sitting box appeares in the corner of my laptop, asking Read Now or Ignore, of course I type; Read Now, and Voila you have your own little audio book, aside from the sleepy voice of the reader, it’s actually a wonderful tool; you can adjust the voice; male or female, the tone, speech and tempo of the reading.

When the book is read through, it’s basically done, and I’m ready to move on to the publishing face… So, it can be preatty easy, (yes, easy of course), but it takes a lot of time, reading, typing and deleting. Surely, there’s always the ulturnative of paying an editor to do it for you, but it’s almost unlimited what you can learn from doing it by yourself….

About editing, about your own writing even and if you are like me, you edit your own manuscript, and learn so much from that too….



For me keeping a journal, isn’t about writing down what you have wrote or done that day, having that Dear Diary moment. Nothing could bore me to death, then that!!! I write reminders, goals, inspirations… Tips for writing.. I also used my journal to write down my acknowledgements…

….or if I have a wonderfully good day, I write down the good thing about it, or how good a song I heard was, descripting my feeling/sensation at that moment, for safe keeping, to look back at on a rainy day, where my life doesn’t seem to so great… When those days occure, because let’s face it, they will… I leaf through my journal, trying to reach that moment I wrote down, and then sometimes it brings me back on track… besides that I am always keeping a calendar, keeping track on my daily schedules.

Hope there was something helpful….

FVY! If there’s anything, that I am lacking in my advices, you can always write me and ask me about what I do with a certain thing or what I should stop rambling about, or what I should talk about more…. I am open to any ideas…

Happy writings and lot of love to all….









Well, to begin with I would like to thank all the people who are following and liking my Blogs, it’s not a huge base of people, but I love it. My task with this is to help people with their struggle and to reach the world, which I think I’m doing both very well….

In the beginning of this year, I came myself a task or a challange, to write a blog for 365 days, well if anyone have noticed, I haven’t been posting for the past days. I have been so tired, the weather in my country, is really Winter Weater.. Well, I missed three days, but so what… As with everything in my life, I simply have to keep going, so maybe I’m not succeeding with the 365 days, but I’m trying and that’s what matters. You simply have to do your best…

For todays post, we are diving into CHAPTERS, and to make a flow with these…

In my opinion, it’s a great idea to create tension and excitment in the first chapter, letting the reader get to know a tiny bit about the character, releaving something out, something that captivates the reader.

If you want some inspriration, my first chapter is avalible here on my blog.


To keep the florw, I left a shocking end to the first chapter, leaving people curious to what was going to happen next. I try to mix it, with a slow and cozy chapter, and then an exploding chapter, leaving questions and confusion, some chapters are left with a cliffhanger, others are left with the sensation of love or magic, something like that. With this technique, you never get too much excitment, and you never get a boring part, your readers will simply skip. I love reading books myself, with flowing chapters; chapters that goes up and down. Chapters, that leaves me aching for more, so much more.

Through the editing, you can easily spot the boring parts, and however painful it is, you need to cut them… I am cutting a lot in my second novel, it hurtsa little bit, but in the big picture, I can easily see that the parts doesn’t do anything good for the story, and I don’t wanna keep my readers bored…. So Cut Them! It will make so much more sense…

According to me, there’s no rule to how many chapters, a book need to have. I didn’t wanna make mine too long. So, in the editing I actually made more chapters then anticipated, because some of the scenes were way too long; I was writing in Scriv, and suddely I looked at the word count, WOW, I had written 22.460 words in one scene, maybe I got a bit carried away with the story at that point, so I split it up into five chapters instead of one.. making the flow with these too, leaving a cliffhanger in the end of some of them, and a little hint for the readers in some of the others.

As I always try to tell people, the most important and fun part about this; is to play with it. You are the creator of this incredible book, you have the tools, so master thoses Words, Lines, Scene and Chapters, as YOU please.. Hope, you enjoyed!

You Are The Master of Your Work…

Happy Writings and lots of love to All…. 🙂




Building your character, is a very important task… without great characters, there’s basically no story..

How do you keep track of your characters?

What I did, was write down everything about each important character; Their name, profession, age, appearance, eye-color, sound of voice, description of their person and behavior. And, of course if you are a Fantasy Writer, like me; you could also write down the character’s abilities or powers of magic.

Let’s face it, as a writing; writing that incredible story, there’s alot of things to keep track of, and a lot of characters to keep track of…. Sometimes, I realize, that I can’t remember a certain character’s eye color or behavior, so as you perhaps have figured out, I love me some “Cheat Sheets” So, of course I have a “Cheat Sheet” for my characters too. Which writer doesn’t need a “Cheat Sheet” I haven’t yet come by a writer, who was able to remember every single thing about their novel.

Lately, I have been thinking about, writing down the back story of the most important characters, of course I have it all in my head, but with all the things that are tangled up inside my mind, things slip ALOT, I have to face it.


I have listed it, from the Main Character, to all the close ones;

Husband, best friends; boy-friends and girl-friends, siblings, parents, uncles, other family members, Gods…. and of course the villains.

If you list the things down, you will have a pretty good view and “Cheat Sheet” to your characters.. 🙂

Just Keep Typing! 


Through the Kindness of Others…



The Writing World is the most wonderful thing, I have ever dived into with everything I had…

Surely, there’s all the wondering, the doubts, the trouble and all the endless typing, that doesn’t seem to go anywhere good…… AND THEN! Suddenly, everything falls into place, and you have that wonderful and finale result. What then….

Well, if you were like me, you were so busy writing, editing and getting that book done, that I totally forgot about all the marketing, and creating a “Fanbase” of course there was people around me, wanting to read the book, but there wasn’t the line of people waiting for the release…. So, of course… I needed to get right on that, and here’s where the Kindness comes into the picture. Throughout my writing journey, I discovered how wide and kind the Writing World is…. There’s always people almost waiting for you to ask for help, (okay, maybe not waiting).. But, you get the point. All you have to do is ask, and keep asking… there’s always someone who wants to help.

All the people, (not alot) I have come by, have all been so kind to me… Even when I felt like a Spash, not understanding anything, but they have been patient and kind. I was asking and asking, and they simply replied in a calm and kind voice, there had been so many incredible people, that have touched my work, even without knowing it…

So, even though I have been babbling on… I do have some advice for you… 6 Tips for getting Self-Pulished, before and after… I didn’t do it, the way I will suggest, but you will learn from my mistakes. 🙂

  1. Brand Yourself; if you are not that active on the social medias or on the internet over all, there’s no need to fear, that you won’t reach the world. I  tried to share all my progress and writing with the world, through: Instagram, Pinrest, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, Mirakee and Facebook, trying to promote myself on somehow, on Instagram I follow a lot of Readers and Writers, so they could get to know me as a writer… getting followers, every time I posted something, of course there are so many other ways…. Youtube, have become so popular, for me, I have been struggling with the thought of seeing myself on a Vlog, I’m still circling around the idea, but I’m not there yet. If, you are into that, go for it right away, share what you have done, learned and experienced… Some ideas you had or the ways you are writing or getting your progress, there’s always someone who can gain something from that… Then, I started blogging, I had never imagined, that I would ever get to make Blogs, but here I am blogging, still getting followers, I don’t have the most, but there’s a few and the numbers are rising. Promote and Brand yourself, on the ways that suits you the best…
  2. Author Central and Good Reads; Creating an Author Central Profile, is a way to promote yourself on Amazon, where Readers easily can find you, when you get that far. Good Reads, is an amazing place to get great reviews. Creating those will get you a few steps ahead of where I was in the beginning.
  3. Book Cover Design; There’s a lot of ideas onm creating that perfect cover for your book. Everybody always says; “Don’t judge, a book by it’s cover.” Let’s face it, people will judge your book by it’s cover. There’s numerous suggestions on the internet for Book Cover Designs, you can create your own through photo stocks or you can pay a professional. Through another Author’s videos, I ended up with a design by Damonza.com. I made a sketch by hand, send the picture to the designer, along with some other things needed. I loved working with this designer, I icked a few of the photo from thier portfolio, to get an idea of colors and light of the cover, all that… I had imagined, that it would take a least five adjustments to get the cover done, but when that mail, ticked in and I opened it, WOW… I was instantly in love with the design, of course everything has a price, but to me I didn’t think it so expensive, in all for E-Book Cover, and a Print Full Cover with front cover, blurb and spine, for a total of; 299,- USD. So, if you are willing to pay, Damonza.com is an incredible designer.
  4. Editing and Read Throughs; Well, as it goes for Editing, you can pay your way our of anything…. You can pay an editor to do the work for you, or your can do it yourself, of course it takes a lot more time, and struggle from your side; but believe you me, You will learn alot from that experience; I think I edited the novel three times before I was satisfied, an Editor will take one Edit… Reading through, well you basically read your story a hundred times, before anybody else gets the chance, but I discoverd something quiet nice, for Windows, there’s an App, called: Read Aloud, you can copy and paste any texts, and press play; Voila, you have your own Audio Book, (kind of).. I copied a chapter or a scene at a time, pasting and pressing play, getting Read Aloud, to read aloud for me, the perfect way, to correct the errors, that your mind and eye missed. It’s so easy, and a nice way to read YOUR book in a new way. So, go for Read Aloud.
  5. Manuscript with Word. When the novel is done, you need to create a printable manuscript, again and again, you can always pay someone to do this for you, but again… Bla, bla, bla.. You can learn so much from that. I learned so much by doing it myself… about Word too, so many amazing ways to create the manuscript. The first thing I did, was chosing a font and size; Californian FB in size 11. I chose different fonts for my chapters, playing around with it, making it quiet nice. Then you create the perfect Margins for your novel, for a printable manuscript. There’s always walk-throughs on Youtube or Google, to get the basic ideas and get some amazing tools, to play and work with, and on somehow, the work becomes something quiet fun to do.
  6. So, when you are through with all of the other steps, you will be ready to get into the Publishing, going to Amazon, scrolling down and clicking on; Publish with Us! and follow the steps, and voila you are a Published Author. Before you publish, there’s a few things that is a good idea to have written down; IBAN Nr and Bic Code… Taxes info… Your wishes for prices, as an E-book and Print. The file of your book, and the cover; both, Front and Full Cover. And, of course the blurb, and a Author image, if your like that… And, I can promise you this; there’s nothing better, then pressing that botton; Pulish Your Novel, and then seeing that book/novel… YOUR BOOK/NOVEL… And I am sure you will love it and succed with it.


There’s a few tips… Hope you enjoy!!

Happy Writings and Love to you all.



Always Believe..


Always Believe in Yourself……

If you guys are like me, you sometimes lack the faith and belief in yourself… You are the biggeste critic and your own worst reviewer, I always have my ups and downs, one day; I’m the best Author/Writer in the world, and some days, I’m the worst that have ever written any words….

But last year, I slowly became another person, a better person. One of the keys to my succes, to keep writing… Is always, (well, okay, maybe always) trying to look on the bright side of life, how much of a cliché it is, its still true. A positive way of thinking, and a positive mind, is a perfect mind-set, to create great work and Amazing Writing.

My Safe Haven, is always and will always be, another cliché; The Moon and The Stars… Looking up at the great shining Moon or Stars, makes life just a tiny bit better, and with great music it’s nearly perfect.

Here’s my Four Tips for keeping a Positive Mind;

1; The first and the best one, looking up at the Moon and the Stars, maybe it doesn’t seem like much, but if you are a Moon and Star Lover, it will do the trick…

2; Take a nice cup of steaming Herbal Tea or a Lovely cup of Coffee, any kind… Enjoy it while you work, and it seems a bit easier to overcome.

3; Listening to some relaxing music, or a great playlist with meditational sounds. I always create a mixed playlist of calm sounds, movie soundstracks and something that I know would really increase my work.

4; Listening to the Rain or a Fireplace. Of course, if you hate Rain, or it’s not actually raining, you can always find some great sounds on Youtube. As it goes for the fireplace, I don’t a real one, but I have an electronic, which is doing the job pretty good, it can create the flames on screen and it has a heater. Or the funny oppotunity, you can actually buy a DVD called Fireplace…

Of course if none of the above, works for you… You simply create your own, and of course if you are a writer, you will probably have a few ideas…

Hope there was something helpful for you guys….

Happy Writings for You All…. 🙂