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Today’s Special Author; Sara Francis.

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She seems like a beautiful and talented young girl, with a bright mind for planning, executing her projects in style, I have only followed her for a short time, but she seem to do brilliant work. I have ordered her book called; Stardust, and I can’t wait to dive into what her mind will offer.

Here’s a little peak at her books;



THE ISLES is the first book in THE TERRA TESTIMONIES TRILOGY Short description: A Bionic, a Mutant, and a Geek are forced by their Keepers to team up and prepare to take back the ruined world. Throughout their training, these teens are led to believe that not everything is as it seems.


THE MAINLAND is the prequel to THE ISLES and part of THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy. Short description: A runaway, a princess, and a thief have been separated at birth in a world that’s falling apart. Their entire lives have been an attempt to escape abduction while trying to survive and prevent the terror, chaos, and destruction happening around them… most of which they are responsible. (THE MAINLAND is scheduled to be released this fall! Pre-order is now available! Contact for more details.)


STARDUST is a collection of poetry and ADVENTURES OF WOBOT is a series of children’s books. (In this interview, I talk mostly of THE ISLES)

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Social Media:
IG: @sarafrancis_author
TWITTER: @sfrancis_author
FB: @sarafrancisauthor


The Q&A’s:

1: What inspired you to start your story/stories?
I’ve been a storyteller ever since I was little, but I didn’t always tell them through written words. I usually told them through music and art. It wasn’t until I had a story-based school assignment that I developed a passion for writing. Not too long after, my friend and I would collaborate on short stories. There was one concept I really liked but we never finished the story, so I told her I would finish it. From there, my first book THE ISLES (Book 1 of THE TERRA TESTIMONIES) was born.

2: How did you choose your name for your book/books?
For my trilogy, each title has to do with the names of locations on the earth. The first is THE ISLES, the second THE MAINLAND, and the third THE UNDERGROUND. That is why the trilogy is called THE TERRA TESTIMONIES. Terra meaning Earth and testimonies because they are first person narratives. My other book titles are pretty self explanatory. ADVENTURES OF WOBOT is about my robot Wobot that goes on adventures and STARDUST is the name of the main poem of the collection.

3: How did you create your Main Character.
I have three main characters for my first book, THE ISLES. Sami was actually an original character from our short story. She is the only OC to make the cut. Her appearance, name, and personality are based off my friend who inspired the story. Alison was a byproduct of the OC I had made within that short story. I needed a strong, caring protagonist who faintly knew the past and was skeptical of the future. And finally, I wanted a character who was intelligent in his innocence. A problem solver but a follower. And so, Aaron of Isle III was born. Fun fact about Aaron is his appearance was inspired by Lewis from Meet the Robinsons.

4: Which genre is your book, and why did you pick that?
THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy is Science Fiction and Utopian/Dystopian. I grew up on Sci Fi. My grandfather is a classic Sci Fi fanatic and we always watched the old movies with him. All the technology and amazing ideas about the future always intrigued me. Personally, I’d always wondered what the future would be like. So, I put my ponderings on paper and shared them with the world.

5: Do you feel sad or excited about tormenting your characters?
Not gonna lie, I cried writing the last chapter of my first book. While I love torturing my characters, I also get mini-depressed when I have to let them go.

6: Five tips you would give to growing writers, about ‘Senses’?
Sometimes, I know we forget that our characters have all the same senses that we do. Describing using all of them from time to time can bring the book to life. Here are five tips I would give about using the senses.

  1. Go out and sense it. —- Whatever you’re trying to write about, go out and get the feel for it yourself! (As long as it is within legal and moral boundaries). For example: Want to know how to describe nature? Go out and smell it, hear it, see it. Experience is the greatest inspiration.
  2. Research. —  Not sure what something looks like? Sounds like? Google it! The internet is a great resource to give you instant answers when in a pinch.
  3. Read! —–  Check out how other authors describe their scenes using their senses. They can help point you in the right direction as to how you want to deliver your message.
  4. Ask around. ——-    If you can’t figure out how to describe that smell and google isn’t helping, ask your friends! Asking real people who experience things like you is the best way to fill in any holes you have in describing something.
  5. Use stronger words. —–     What I mean by this is don’t write something like, “The alleyway smelled.” Yes, that’s using your senses, but it isn’t being very descriptive. Was it good? Was it bad? An example of a stronger word would be, “The alleyway had a putrid stench.”

7: What do you do in case of Writer’s Block?
Cry until my sorrows have consumed me… I’m just kidding. Writer’s block can actually be good sometimes because once it’s over, your inspiration surges through you like waves in a mighty storm. What I usually do is take a quick walk, do some stretches, eat, then eat again, or sit in silence for a few moments. Once my little routine is done, I sit down get distracted by the internet for a moment and then force my fingers to make magic.

8: If you had to compare your book/books to a movie or a series, which would it be?
THE ISLES (and THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy) has been said to be the perfect blend of THE HUNGER GAMES, DIVERGENT, and MAZE RUNNER.

9: Your best marketing tool?
Instagram and personal outreach. Instagram is a popular app for book lovers and authors everywhere and nothing works better than actually talking to your readers. They’re both also a great way to build community!

10: Give your readers some of your most exciting lines from your book.
Ooh that’s a hard one! I have so many that I’d love to share… the book can get very intense. So, here are three.

“If I learned anything from my eight years here it is this: never trust anyone.” – Alison: THE ISLES

“Face it. We were slaves to the devil.” – Cecil: THE ISLES

“Remember this: seek the truth. Once you find it, hold onto it. Fight for it.” – Mark: THE ISLES

11: What’s the meaning of your book title?
THE ISLES simply refers to the 6 islands the members live on.

12: Have you build a Dream Cast, if or when your book becomes a movie? Who’s the cast?
Ooohhhh. To be honest, I never thought too in depth about the characters from THE ISLES, but I DID think of some from book 2, THE MAINLAND… so I’ll give you a few of those instead (I’ll make sure not to include character spoilers 😉 ).
Shane – Dylan O’Brien
Aymie – Claire Foy
Mark – Logan Lerman
Blake Bain – Grant Gustin
Nicolas Eerkens – Chris Hemsworth
Stanley Wyght – Tommy Lee Jones

13: Favorite inspirational Author/Writer?

As a kid, I always loved Margaret Peterson Haddix. Her Utopian/Dystopian THE SHADOW CHILDREN was the first series I read in full and it inspired me so much.

14: Describe your novel/book with three simple words.

It’s all lies.

15: Signature line.

“Be inspired, not intimidated.” This is what I tell everyone. You may look at someone else’s work and feel insecure about your own because for some reason your brain says “you’re not good enough”. That’s a lie. You’re work is incredible and you should own it. You can of course look up to other people and be inspired by them, but don’t let their success intimidate you.

Honestly, I devoured her answers. I truly loved them. It came me a certain boost, to take a step back, and take a look at my own work with other eyes, seeing the beauty in everything we create.
Thank You, Sara for joining me today, does her books sound exciting, I sure am excited to explore them further.




Book Review!

Book Review; The Other Side
by Justin Jay Gladstone/Nitsuj Yaj Enotsdalg.

The Other Side 1

Through out my life, I haven’t been reading too many books, (I know, shame on me, I am working on it!). But this book did something to me, even before I started reading it.

I came by Jay through instagram, and the way he wrote was so different and captivating, and I immediately knew I would love his book, because of my own believe in the universe and such.

This world he build… Where do I even begin… Everything jumps in time between planets, and though it might seem weird and confusing, it is truly amazing. Jay is an incredible author, his mind is a gift, and his way of creating things with words is inspiring. There’s a lot about time and space, and dates in this book, and to be honest I was confused at first. What an amazing job he did, by keeping track of everything, bravo!!!

He paints a wonderful ‘Worture’. (Picture with words). 🙂
He creates tension, excitement, and even a little danger.

He uses something I have never seen in books before, QR-codes. He paints a picture with words so wonderfully, and then suddenly a code, you scan it, and get a picture of what Jay imagined himself, so you can see if your imagination were close to his, or completely far off. I think he did a great job, showing me what he was seeing himself, instead of telling about it.

We follow a young and confused guy names Leon, he’s been diagnosed with a mental illness, and enrolls in something called the Earthshine Facility, and I like to think of the facility as Area 51, you don’t really know what is really going on in there, not at first at least.
Every character is ratable, and you instantly form a connection with Leon, but still you ask the questions; What the heck, is going on?
Will your questions be answer, well I guess you will have to dive into this amazing tale.

He suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar place, robbed of his freedom, he is doomed to stay in a place that is not his home, will he ever make it home, or will the Lunae Lux guards find and capture him. Everything is a battle against time, and unknown enemies. Who can you trust, when you can’t even trust yourself, and the voice in your head.

The Other Side, is a wonderful story about a guy, who gets his worlds, turned upside down, literately. You follow everything he goes through, and I kind of felt bad for him a first, and then I blamed him a little bit for what happens, but then everything changed, and I was back at feeling sorry for him. It’s an exciting and emotional ride, poor Leon. What ever will happen to him in the end?

I can’t wait to read what ever comes next from Jay.

Everybody owe it to themselves to read this book!

This book truly deserves the top of the scale;





Selfless & Kind

Helpful Thursday.

My advice for today is to, step out into the world with you work and let people honestly tell you what they think.

There’s so many selfless and kind people out there, in this incredible writing community.

But, in my opinion, you have to be selfless and kind yourself, to receive the same. Offer to read peoples work, always offer a helping hand. Help each other in the best way possible.


People have a tendency to tell how horrible and bad people’s work are. You can deliver a honest response and review with gentle words. Imagine, the way you would have delivered the words for your own book. There will always be people who won’t like your book, and that is okay. Not everybody has the same taste and style as you. But, deliver your words humbled and selfless.


Always be kind, not everyone will be kind to you. But, keep kindness toward everybody and their work. If you don’t like what you read, that’s fine, but tell people in a gentle way. Help them to do better.

So, we kind and brave, share some of your ideas and work with people you trust in the writing community, if you are helpful and kind, then people will have a tendency to do the same!!

Happy Thursday.

Author Interview + New Release!! Jenna Morland.

Today’s interview is with the incredible Jenna Morland, who’s debut novel will be out TODAY!


Jenna Morland.

Her debut novel, is this amazing and beautiful book; Empress Unveiled.

New Front

One thing I think is extremely amazing about Jenna, is that she’s a stay-at-home mom, with two children, and still she managed to write a novel, and work on her active Instagram. Jenna does something that inspired me greatly. She’s the Queen of Moodboards. I used this myself a bit, but seeing Jenna’s amazing work, made me wanna expand that. She seems like a girl of many talents, and I am deeply excited to be reading her book in a couple of days.

I have been following Jenna for a while now, through her Instagram and what I could out from that; is that she’s is an amazing person, with a special view of life. She ceases every opportunity she gets to write and to enjoy her life. She’s a beautiful woman, with a crazy personality, colors her hair in crazy colors. She’s an inspiring woman, who does something to the writing community, just by existing. She’s interacting with people and readers, creating an opportunity to get to know her. I wrote her and asked her a few questions, and she answered with her own personality which I think is rare. I have tried to message some other Authors who are doing well for themselves, and either they didn’t response or they gave me an impersonal answer. So, I was actually surprised by her response, and felt excited. For me, she seems like a person who will do almost anything to help, she’s kindhearted and talented, and I praise myself lucky to have her on my list on Instagram, and I enjoy following her journey and her posts. She seems genuine and I am honored that she wanted to give me a chance to interview her, and share apart of her with all of you.

I gave her a bunch of questions, and she answered them with her incredible mind and personality.

If you wanna follow her journey and amazing posting abilities, check her out on;


Here’s the Q&A’s:

1: What inspired you to start your story/stories?

It was winter, the nights were long and cold. I went to the local bookstore, searched online even, and I just couldn’t find what I was looking for in a book. So, I sat down and wrote the book I wanted to read.

2: What’s your favorite writing place/spot?

I have two young children and a husband who works out of town a lot. I am usually always at home when I write, either on my patio, on my couch or in bed! I did most of my editing at Starbucks though. Editing is a different beast entirely!

3: How did you choose your name for your book/books?

My publisher and I brain stormed possible names for the book and we new Empress needed to be in the title. It has many different meanings and each of these meanings are revealed throughout the book. That’s where Unveiled comes in. This word has special meaning to me which I can’t say the reasoning without spoilers. Aside from that, Empress Unveiled just sounds… pretty!

4: How did you create your Main Character?

Swayzi is a combination of characters that I have loved over the years. I think there is a bit of me in her as well. But mostly, I wanted to create a character that was believable, and one that girls of all ages could relate to.

5: Describe your novel/book with three simple words.

Oh that’s hard… Umm… Heartbreak. Magic. Crown.

6: Who is your favorite kind of character to write?

I love writing Tyler. He is so human. He is complicated, a bit of a screw up, but he loves hard. I also love writing Linda who is Swayzi’s mom, she is the best.

7: Do you feel sad or excited about tormenting your characters?

A bit of both. For instance, I am writing the sequel and I know one of the characters I really care about is going to die. But I know it is right for the story so I go with my gut.

8: Five tips you would give growing writers, about ´Senses’?

I am not a classically trained writer, and the way I go about it might be a little different from most. I see the story in my mind like a movie, and each time I sit down to write I step into the scene. I can look around at what is near me, the temperature of the room, and what it smells like. I think the trick is in the tiny details, but be careful not to over do it.

9: If you had to compare your book/books to a movie or a series, which would it be?

I think there’s a mixture of Fallen, The Mortal Instruments series, The Fault in Our Stars, and Twilight.

10: What does it say on your favorite cup?

A friend of mine got me a mug for Christmas that says #published. She calls it my smug mug.

11: How did you plan on reaching your readers?

As soon as I signed with Oftomes I started building my social media. It’s a fantastic way to reach readers and connect with book bloggers and other authors. I love doing mood boards of the story by bringing it to life with photos. I like sharing bits of my life, what I’m currently reading and the trials of writing a sequel. Social media gives the readers an opportunity to know the author and to learn more about the story and the characters.

12: What do you do in case of Writer’s Block?

I don’t think I have ever truly had writers block. The kind where you can’t put any words on paper. That being said, I have definitely struggled with the sequel, and balancing writing while being a mother of 2 and the addition of the release of Empress Unveiled was certainly difficult. I did a lot of writing sprints, where you set a timer for 25 min and write as many words as you can with no distractions. It helped me get out of my head a bit and stop self-editing as I wrote. I think I am finally hitting my stride with the sequel and it feels pretty good.

13: have you build a Dream Cast, if or when your book becomes a movie? Who’s the cast?

I would LOVE Elle Fanning as Swayzi. Nick Robinson from Love, Simon is totally my Tyler. I like Molly Ringwald for Linda. I haven’t been able to cast Daylan yet… I think he would be the hardest one.

14: Your favorite writing soundtrack song?

Let It Go by James Bay and Wait by M83

15: Signature line.

A small dream takes just as much energy as a big dream, so why not dream big?

16; Bonus Question, she actually answered this by a mistake, but I loved the answer, so I wanted to use it. How did you choose your Main Characters names?

I love Patrick Swayze. I cried when he died, actually. Dirty Dancing is, and probably always will be my favorite film. Naming my main character after him was a no brainer. I needed Tyler’s name to be relatable and very simple. He’s a guys guy. Daylan’s name is more fantastical and intriguing, which pretty much sums him up perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I am excited to read her book, and I think you will be too, if you give her a follow and see what incredible work she does.

Thank you so much, Jenna Morland for joining me today!

Creative Writing

So, I decided to make a weekly post, here on WritersLIfesWork. I give to you;

Helpful Thursday.

Creative Writing 1

Today is all about, some of the incredible writing tools, and there’s a certain one I have come to know, is greatly important. So, here’s my ideas and mind of why Creative Writing is so important.

1; Bring People Into The Story, Instead of TELLING Them What’s Going On!

Creative Writing gives your stories a whole new view and other aspects, otherwise you have a written piece; where people can see what is playing out in the story, but you want them to feel the story, smell the surroundings and see a picture clear image of what’s going on. – Impossible, you might say! Well, I did so too in the beginning, how do you accomplish that?

Through, creative writing, senses and the difference between SHOWING and TELLING.

Here’s a little secret from my journey:

First Drafts This is one of the first drafts for The Metanoia Phases, at the time this chapter above was written, the story was called Dragonfly, it had a whole other plot and outline, and in my opinion it was the greatest it could ever be. But, thank god I became wiser.

This page is messy, right? It’s structure is completely mixed. You have the narrative, and can somehow make out from that, what is going on. But, then you have the dialogue, there’s so many way of how I could tell you why this is wrong, but I will minumize that. First, it says who is saying the line, before you even read it, (the only time this makes any sense, is if you’re writing a movie manuscript) and I think I will even go with a different angle to it. Second; we see what the person is say, but we have no way of knowing what there person feels while saying it, or what plays around that. This is a clear example of TELLING!

Back when this was written, my girlfriend told me that, it looked weird and didn’t make any sense, and honestly I got upset, because this was my “biggest” work, and I loved the way it was. But, that was only because I wrote it, and I knew what they person saying the words felt, and what happened around it, but the reader didn’t. Sitting here so many years later, I am happy that she said something, because I learn along the way, that she was right and that was okay, I didn’t suck, I had potential to become even better.

2; Ask For Honesty.

So, I changed a lot of my work, and skipped the dialogue tags, in the way they were above, and I asked a friend to read through it, and I told him to be completely honest, and he was. He read two chapters, and told me that the ideas and characters were great, but there was still something missing. Did, my soul sigh at this point, I think So! But, I wanted my work to be amazing, and affect people, instead of just painting them a picture. He gave me a tool, that changed my writing, my voice and everything about writing for me. I will share this with you, later on.

3; Mix Showing and Telling.

You will come across many people who will advice you to skip TELLING completely, but it will become a heavy load of intense words if you skip out the entire telling, you need the show narrative and make that interact with the story. But, when you are painting a picture, you need to mix SHOW and TELL. It takes a lot of work and practice, but once you conquer that, you have amazing tools for future works, and will stand out as a true professional.

Here’s an example:

The moon was shining, and the rain had just stopped. 

Ask yourself what is wrong with this line. What does it TELL us, it tell us that the moon is shining, so we can merely picture a shining moon, and then it tells us that the rain had stopped. Yeah, that’s all fine, but what is it missing? It doesn’t settle any mood, or clear picture, don’t TELL that the moon is shining, SHOW IT!

The rain had stopped, and the cloudy full moon had appeared, sending a faded light through the window, casting a glow on the blank piano surface.

Now this is a line that shows us something. When I read this, a picture is created in my mind, of a beautiful black blank piano, and I almost feel blinded by the reflecting light on it. I sense the lightness in the air, after rain, and a cozy and serene mood is settling over me, and I believe this is the magic of SHOWING.

4; Senses.

The blank page is your canvas, and your fingers are the brush, and senses are the magic colors to create an amazing story. The senses, are one of the best tools in Creative Writing, to give the reader an idea of what is played out. Before you make a scene, ask yourself these questions;

  • How does it look?
  • How does it smell?
  • How does it feel?
  • How does it taste?
  • What can you hear?


How does it look; The cloudy full moon had appeared, sending a faded light through the window, casting a glow on the blank piano surface. – You have the picture painted of what you see.

How does it smell; The tea was still standing on the coffee table, not so steaming anymore. – Almost everybody, can tell what tea smells like, the sweet, herbal ish smell, so you get an idea of what it smells like in the scene.

How does it feel; giving me peace of mind and heart. – So, with what is going on, you get the idea of how the person feels like, kind of feeling what they feel.

How does it taste; In any case the tasting is tricky, because it isn’t always the case, that you are actually tasting, if the person was sipping at the tea, that case of course would be different.

What can you hear; Quiet whisper, small child laughter, and piano tunes mixed together in a perfect combination of peace. – You hear the whisper, and the laughter, and then mixed with the incredible play of the piano.

Any reader will of course always make out their interpretation of what it sounds, feels, smells and tastes like, and what they see. But play with these origins of Senses, and you can create written magic;

Quiet whisper, small child laughter, and piano tunes mixed together in a perfect combination of peace, giving me peace of mind and heart. A few hours passed before any of us noticed, that the rain had stopped, and the cloudy full moon had appeared, sending a faded light through the window, casting a glow on the blank piano surface. The tea was still standing on the coffee table, not so steaming anymore.


In my opinion the hardest tool of Creative Writing to manage. But, with sounds and what plays out around in the scene, you might be able to bring motion to the story.

I try to use the motion, to bring elements to life; Like rippling, surging and burbling of water, kind of bringing a still object of water into movement by the sounds. Or fire; The crackled and dance of flames, you hear and see how the fire plays out in motion. It’s a hard tool to master, but the only way to create progress, is simply by doing!


I hope these Creative tips were helpful. Here’s the thing that changed my life, my writing and the way I see Creative Writing.